samedi 27 mai 2006

Best day ever!

(What is this, 3 posts in a row?!)

Well, I didn't get around to baking bread, again. Instead I brought home this beautiful bike! For only twenty dollars. I love it!!! Gosh I love it! I just love bicycling.

This is a list of things I want for my home:

1. Crockpot
2. Plant stand
3. Dog

I really want a dog! More specifically, a greyhound. Or a terrier. But a greyhound I could rescue and they are said to be good for apartments. Gosh! I can't stop thinking about dogs lately, reading about the different breeds and keeping them. I just love dogs. One of the main things I love is sitting down next to them and hugging them. Also walking them. And hopefully how they would keep my cat in line. So hopefully I will be able to bring home a beautiful greyhound one day soon!

The other thing I did today was go to the library ( I am that cool ) But really, the library is SO Interesting! You just never know what you might find. They have gotten a bunch of new knitting books, that's great. I brought home two decorating books to get some ideas before I paint my living room. Besides, I just love decorating books. Besides this, a novel and an interesting John Holt book.

vendredi 26 mai 2006

This is what I did today, brought home nice new plants! Cute, huh? I just love them. I want to get a plant stand for those little ones, and put geraniums in the kitchen window instead. I've been wanting that for quite a while, I think that's lovely.

I also cooked my favourite sweet-and-sour red cabbage with rice. It also did not turn out terribly photogenic. A food stylist, I am not.

I also meant to bake bread but instead I took a nice afternoon nap. Mmm, wonderful!

jeudi 25 mai 2006



I am a very slow knitter, I admit. But Jaywalker is a great pattern! No wonder everyone has knit it, it's so fun and the outcome is great! The first sock took me forever to cast on, I ripped it out about 5 times trying to decide what to do. I'm glad I decided on this. So anyway, this was, in fact, my April Project Spectum project. Don't ask about May.

More talk tomorrow, I have the day off!

lundi 22 mai 2006

Gosh! Where have I been?

Well, we've had some excitement here this week : A fire in the apartment above us! Thank God our apartment had very little damage. Just some holes in the ceiling from the water :

The landlord will repaint the walls (although they aren't damaged), which saves me from having to do it myself, which I was planning on! Overall I am so so so thankful the damage wasn't more- from fire and water. Phew!

Craft-wise... well... plugging away on the Granny Smith sweater, but it's slow going.

Lately I've been working on school more. I'm taking German in summer semester. I already studied this in high school, so it's more a review course for me. In September I'll be taking Russian and Hebrew, very excited! Yesterday was the birthday party of the little Russian boy I tutor, it could have been very helpful to speak it already! But, I was told I look like a Russian speaker, not an English speaker, that made me glad. And meanwhile I am still studying Italian, to be prepared for fall...

More knitting news coming soon!

dimanche 7 mai 2006

What an exciting thing!

I got the yarn yesterday for the lovely Granny Smith cardigan. Four balls of Kid Silk Haze, gosh! It's lovely and fun and I'm quite excited for the result! I was tempted by a turquoise shade, my favourite colour for clothes, but I like the green because it reminds me of something Amélie might wear - and somewhere between my second and 33rd watching of «Le fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulin» I made a personal vow to make Amélie-like clothing choices whenever possible. Besides, May is Green Month!

Today is sunny! Yesterday poured rain, very conducive to knitting. But I was feeling a bit clammed up in the house so when the rain stopped I climbed the mountain and then ran back down. It was the odd type of sky where half is sunny and the other half steel blue and I tried to take some dramatic photographs.

I think my neighbourhood is the most beautiful in the city. The richer you are, the higher up the mountain you can afford to live. I live at the bottom. Just kidding! Well, I really do but it's not a bad thing at all, better, unless you have a family and need a whole house. From the top you can see right to the South Shore.

I didn't do any cooking this weekend, unfortunately. Maybe when I get home from tutoring. I still need groceries. Gosh. Sorry to ramble! I'm just thinking how this weekend flew by! It almost feels wasted, though I did get a lot of knitting and studying done.

Well, I'd better get busy now!

lundi 1 mai 2006


I should probably make more of an effort to cook appetizing food.

This is just eggplant and tomatoes and it tastes delicious, but God it looks disgusting.