dimanche 7 mai 2006

What an exciting thing!

I got the yarn yesterday for the lovely Granny Smith cardigan. Four balls of Kid Silk Haze, gosh! It's lovely and fun and I'm quite excited for the result! I was tempted by a turquoise shade, my favourite colour for clothes, but I like the green because it reminds me of something Amélie might wear - and somewhere between my second and 33rd watching of «Le fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulin» I made a personal vow to make Amélie-like clothing choices whenever possible. Besides, May is Green Month!

Today is sunny! Yesterday poured rain, very conducive to knitting. But I was feeling a bit clammed up in the house so when the rain stopped I climbed the mountain and then ran back down. It was the odd type of sky where half is sunny and the other half steel blue and I tried to take some dramatic photographs.

I think my neighbourhood is the most beautiful in the city. The richer you are, the higher up the mountain you can afford to live. I live at the bottom. Just kidding! Well, I really do but it's not a bad thing at all, better, unless you have a family and need a whole house. From the top you can see right to the South Shore.

I didn't do any cooking this weekend, unfortunately. Maybe when I get home from tutoring. I still need groceries. Gosh. Sorry to ramble! I'm just thinking how this weekend flew by! It almost feels wasted, though I did get a lot of knitting and studying done.

Well, I'd better get busy now!

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gestaltist a dit...

your photos are great! i couldn't take pics like those with my cybershot even if i tried. not sure if it's the camera or the person holding it when it comes to how horrible my photos are, hehe.

by the way, thank you so much for the encouragement on knitting. i've checked that site out (knittinghelp.com) and i found it to be quite useful.

i've bought a couple of needles and some yarn and tried to stitch. i think it's a horrible bit of stitching. i'm not sure how i could ever come to the talent you have, but i sure hope i will sometime soon.

i find that knitting has this calming effect. though my knuckles, wrists and my fingers (especially my pinky) really hurt! i want to ask you, is that normal?