dimanche 30 avril 2006

The Weekly Post

What's wrong with my Jaywalkers?!

I guess nothing. But they don't seem to have the same nice ridge of stiches as everybody else's.

These socks are good for April Project Spectrum, not so much for April Use What You Have month. I do have a dress in the works that fits both but it got sidetracked since my co-worker was sick this week and I had to do both our jobs - eleven hour days, yuck! So much for my crafty week. But I will be raking in the cash, so who cares, it was actually great!

Have a great week everybody, hopefully I'll be back shortly!

samedi 22 avril 2006

Yesterday was my official last day of this term - exams are done! It's all over! (for three weeks, anyway)

But the end of term is a bit anticlimactic. All this week when I was stuck there at my kitchen table, conjugating verb after verb and writing essays and occasionally pausing to do chores and gaze out the window, I kept waiting for this moment. Now it's arrived, and... ? Now what? I guess the last day is never as thrilling as it was in primary school.

That said, I'm still very excited for a couple of weeks without class, and just as the weather is turning nice. I have some nice plans especially for what I'll do around here:

I'd like to get some geraniums for my kitchen window
Do some painting
Finish up a bunch of sewing that's gotten stymied in the middle

Now I hope I'll keep this in mind and not get bogged down by work - that is to say, my office job.

jeudi 20 avril 2006

it became spring!

I want to go outside SO BADLY.

I have been stuck inside revising for the past three days and this is as close as I can get:

It's torture!

vendredi 14 avril 2006

10 lovely things

Grabbing an idea from Lisa

1. It's Passover! I love Passover. And Passover cooking. It forces you to be creative. And eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. Although I mostly end up suriving on apples and tam tam crackers.

2. It's also Easter, we brought home a beautiful lilly, and I have to-day off work!

3. My boss is keeping the clinic open on Monday, the official holiday, and I'll be working, which means I'll be paid double time AND another day's full pay. It will be like earning... well, a lot per hour!

4. Blue skies. Spring in Montreal! I always feel a sense of accomplishment upon making it, sanely, through another winter.

5. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to go home for the holiday this year, but... my wonderful mum is taking adantage of the long weekend and finally coming to visit!

6. My Kitten may not we well-behaved but she does take a nice photograph

7. Last week a friend I haven't seen since high school and I finally connected for the first time in years. It was so, so nice to talk again, when I was expecting we'd never hear from each other again.

8. School term is over! except for exams next week, one in-class and one an essay. Summer semester starts in May and I'm excited: German and biomedical ethics. Since I took German in h.s. I'm hoping it will all come back to me for an easy pass. I'm even more excited for fall semester : Hebrew, Italian Advanced Grammar and Composition, and two more very interesting courses.

9. I'm the most excited for summer! and swimming at Oka! and summer clothes! and sunshine! and dancing to rock'n'roll and open windows and geraniums in the kitchen sill!
I just can't get enough of that blue sky

10. Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close by Johanthan Safran Foer. I highly, highly, highly recommend it.

11. Mini-legumes!

Stay tuned for a "use-what-you-have"-themed sewing project.

samedi 8 avril 2006


it looks like spring here, but it's still below zero out. I hold by that bit of green grass, though, and that blue sky, as my proof that spring is not coming, but here!