vendredi 30 décembre 2005

vendredi 16 décembre 2005

list for friday

1. finish shopping
2. call uncle
3. finish embroidering
4. free time.

mardi 13 décembre 2005

I was just going to write about how I wished we would have a Christmas tree here. Then my roommate and I started talking and she suggested we go and get one tomorrow! How exciting. I'm glad she feels festive like me. I have a string of lights and we can get some decos from Zellers. How excellent!

I have not been doing much creative lately, as I've been working working working so much and besides that, exams. But today I finished my last essay, and I won't complain if I start working a few less hours.

Anyway, craft-wise... well, I have some embroidery to finish up. Last night I tried to knit an ear-warmer but I got too distracted thinking about all the ways I could do it that before I knew it it was time for bed. I think I'll just save the yarn, get a bit more, and make a touque. I lost mine and am borrowing one of Tanya's, but it doesn't suit me - it's the type snowboarders wear and white. I think I'll paint a little bit tonight, since I've got some time.

I didn't get around to sending cards this year. I thought December would be my free month but I guess I have been working an awful lot.

Next saturday I've earmarked as my day to go shopping. I just need a few things yet. Though I must be crazy to go out on that day! But when else do I have? Last year I made nearly all my gifts. Oh well, there's always next December!

mardi 6 décembre 2005

The good news, for all you blog lovers out there (and for me, of course!) is that I am definitely getting a camera from my dad. I don't know what kind but he keeps telling me about his many adventures in camera perusal. I'm so excited! ! ! Every day I see so many things I want to photograph. I wish I would have had it in fall too, but winter is also beautiful.

Here is what I am up to lately, without photo documentation.

1. Starting to learn Swedish
2. Studying Italian
3. Writing an essay entitled "Dr Satrelove, or, How I learned to love Existentialism (But not stop worrying)"
4. Reading Chekhov, some more.
5. Embroidering some "buillote" covers with moons and stars for my mother and aunts, as demonstrated in the fall issue of Marie Claire Idées.
6. Thinking about the scarf I will knit soon. I want to make a big, goofy, homemade looking one. Thick yarn, all garter stitch, striped with the ends poking out all over.
7. I want to make a new toque too (lost mine) and some lovikka mittens!
8. Also I have recently read Brenda Ueland's book of essays, "Strength to your Swordarm". I just love her! I need my own copy of "If You Want to Write."

And more more more. There's always so much I want to do! Hopefully after my exams are over, in a few days, I'll finally get to do some painting from ideas that have been floating around in my head.
And get some sewing done!

Oh, and I want to make my blog better! But not pay for it. How to do this?

lundi 5 décembre 2005


Of my little pink sweater. I hope they will not be too big or too many

The Back

The Front (sorry for the view up my nose, I'm too lazy to crop it just now)

And me looking terribly ridiculous.
As the pattern is called 'Sports Classic Pullover', touted for it's freedom of movement, I really should have posed with a golf club or tennis racket if I wanted to show it in use!

I wear it all the time!

samedi 3 décembre 2005

My computer was broken. I tried to get it fixed. It was gone for six weeks. And now I have a new one! And so much internet to catch up on.

This is what I must do:
1. Write Italian exam
2. Write philosophy exam

When this is done I will be free to

3. Finish the sewing projects in my box, such as that grey skirt, striped t-shirt, charmeuse blouse and blue skirt.
4. Paint big painting of scene in Dorset
5. Paint two other big paintings from thoughts still in my head.

Tonight I must

6. Embroider with silver threads
7. Stop being lazy and call someone and go out

I think studying is written off for tonight. And it's so cold, and the internet has so much to show me. I don't think I'll do much else tonight.

I am very worried. I had a delicious salmon terrine for dinner and left the string from it beside me on the plate. My kitty came to lick the plate, to chew the meat a little bit, and I thought I'd know if she started to nibble the string and take it away from her, like when she chews my knitting. But I was too distracted by the internet and she ate the whole string! I don't think string is good for cats. And it was a long one! Oh dear.