mardi 13 décembre 2005

I was just going to write about how I wished we would have a Christmas tree here. Then my roommate and I started talking and she suggested we go and get one tomorrow! How exciting. I'm glad she feels festive like me. I have a string of lights and we can get some decos from Zellers. How excellent!

I have not been doing much creative lately, as I've been working working working so much and besides that, exams. But today I finished my last essay, and I won't complain if I start working a few less hours.

Anyway, craft-wise... well, I have some embroidery to finish up. Last night I tried to knit an ear-warmer but I got too distracted thinking about all the ways I could do it that before I knew it it was time for bed. I think I'll just save the yarn, get a bit more, and make a touque. I lost mine and am borrowing one of Tanya's, but it doesn't suit me - it's the type snowboarders wear and white. I think I'll paint a little bit tonight, since I've got some time.

I didn't get around to sending cards this year. I thought December would be my free month but I guess I have been working an awful lot.

Next saturday I've earmarked as my day to go shopping. I just need a few things yet. Though I must be crazy to go out on that day! But when else do I have? Last year I made nearly all my gifts. Oh well, there's always next December!

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