dimanche 23 juillet 2006

This weekend's project was to burn some groovy CDs of Cottage Music for my holidays next week!

Besides painting, of course, which would be finished if I could just get the ladder out of our building's storage room. Unfortunately, it's locked. I think I'll designate the painting of the top edges to my new very tall roommate who's moving in while I'm away.

I also worked some on my Granny Smith sweater. I swear I will finish it. Soon. I promise.

And in less than a week my holidays start! Two beautiful weeks outside of the city. I have been waiting so many long, cold months for this. The first week is at the beach and I expect it to be a great one. Besides swimming and lying on the sand, my mum's (and my) very crafty and inspiring friend is coming along with her sewing machine, so I hope to get some sewing done, as well as knitting, if I can find time this week to pick up yarn for a new, beach-friendly project. (I find kid silk haze just doesn't travel so well for me). Then after that I'll be at my parent's for a week, spending some days in Toronto and convincing my friends to have pool parties.

I can't wait!

vendredi 21 juillet 2006

dimanche 2 juillet 2006

oh gosh

So I've been behind. But after colour week I had an idea that interested me. I've noticed that blogs from time to time give themselves themes. I really enjoyed finding the photos for colour week, both looking through my old photos and finding the colours around me. I thought it would be a fun project for myself to do a few of these, with the same colour for each day of the week, but different themes for each week. For example, one week in the kitchen, another in the neighbourhood, etc. I wanted to do it for the month of july, but I have dumbly loaned my camera to someone for the week. So anyway, that's what's upcoming.

Otherwise, I've finally gotten around to really looking at the book "D.I.Y. Design it Yourself", which I've had for a few months. It's fantastic and I've got a lot of projects I want to get started on.

And it's already quarter after eleven! I better run. Back soon with photos!