jeudi 29 septembre 2005

Life changing news!

I've decided that my lifetime desire for art school should be listened to. I'm leaving Concordia after this school year. First I'll do the one year Art Fundamentals programme at Sheridan college in Ontario and then decide where to go from there. I'm EXTREMELY excited to go in a different direction with school but I'll be so sad to leave Montreal. Unfortunately there's just nothing here school-wise that fits with what I want. Also, change is good. It'll be nice to be around my old dear friends and to discover a new city. I'm getting really desperate for a camera now, to record everything I love about this city before I leave. Hopefully I'll be back. Mostly, though, I'm more excited than sad. I'm very happy with the thought of taking my future in my own hands. It's almost a bit odd to imagine that I can have whatever career I want, even in the arts. I've sort of been drifting for awhile here, so it's great to have new goals and a new sense of direction.

In other exciting news, I finished the ribbing on the back of my sweater. The front shouldn't take long, I just need to get down to it.

Also, it snowed today.

mercredi 21 septembre 2005

I finally finished knitting the pieces for The Slowest Sweater in the World. Now I just need to add 5" of ribbing to the back and front, and do the finishing. Woot!

jeudi 15 septembre 2005

I'm getting tagged

TEN YEARS AGO: I was in grade five. I was in a split class, adored my teacher and had discovered the concept of politics and that it was fun to write. That was a pretty good year, come to think of it.

FIVE YEARS AGO: I was fifteen and odd and a little rebel.

ONE YEAR AGO: I was getting ready to move back to Montreal. According to my lj I had just discovered ebay. I'm in pretty much the same place, sadly.

FIVE SNACKS: Wasa with cheese and tomatoes under the broiler, egg matzah with brown sugar under the broiler, berries, ice cream, Chocolate bars.

FIVE SONGS I KNOW ALL THE WORDS TO: Make that five albums: I can sing all of Abbey Road, Let It Be, Houses of the Holy, The Boy with the Arab Strap and most of the White Album.

FIVE THINGS I WOULD DO WITH $100 MILLION: Set up my mum and dad, pay off my Visa and student loans, and stop ever worrying about money, which is the source of most of my concerns. Oh, and invest.

FIVE PLACES TO RUN AWAY TO: Scotland, the Netherlands, out West, New York, Toronto.

FIVE THINGS I WOULD NEVER WEAR: Ponchos or anything really ill-fitting.

FIVE FAVORITE TV SHOWS: That 70s Show, Seinfeld, The Daily Show, SCTV, Family Guy.

FIVE BIGGEST JOYS: Dancing, going to the cottage, a nice snack, sewing, listening to records.

FAVORITE TOYS: My ipod, sewing machine, laptop, Barbie's Dream House.

I'm on to the neck shaping of that damn sweater. It's the home stretch!

samedi 10 septembre 2005

Checking in

Hello Internet,

Just a quick post to keep on top of things. I still don't have a camera, though I told my woes to my dad and he offered to buy me a new one. SO sweet of him but I don't know... it seems such an extravagance and such a selfish one, that I wouldn't feel right if he did. So we shall see.

At any rate, the sweater is ALMOST done. Just the front sleeve section and finishing (to be honest that does include 5" of ribbing on the front and back) to go. I'm aiming to have it done for the middle of next week. Next I want to start of the Astrodome hat and scarf from the new Knitty, and of course my Charlie Brown sweater. But I need a quick project first, all this small gauge is getting to me.

What else... I have a few sewing projects that need finishing, including my bathing suit & second skirt from that grey-black suiting. Working at the fabric store is torture, there's so much more I'd like to do. The only good thing is that they make actually buying any fabric for yourself into such a hassle, it acts as a restraint.

Tonight I started sketching out a big painting from this photo I took in Dorset.

Well I suppose that's it. I am obscenely tired, as I still have a cold- and would like to get well at some point in the near future- and so it's an early saturday night here at No. 7.

You see I am trying to find a new name for this place. Jo's new apt is referred to as the House of Spontenaiety (too tired to spell, for shame) and when Jen lived here we called it the House of Sloth. With Tanya that clearly no longer applies, so we must find a new one.

PS the bloody cat persists in eating my beautiful plant. And here I'd heard philodendrons were poison to them.

jeudi 1 septembre 2005

I took back my lovely camera today. It was just making me feel too guilty.

Yesterday I bought the most beautiful philodendron at Young Florists on Greene. It's huge and so rich and healthy. I tried to get a photo of it but the batteries in the camera were already dead. It's really delicious. I should paint it.