jeudi 29 septembre 2005

Life changing news!

I've decided that my lifetime desire for art school should be listened to. I'm leaving Concordia after this school year. First I'll do the one year Art Fundamentals programme at Sheridan college in Ontario and then decide where to go from there. I'm EXTREMELY excited to go in a different direction with school but I'll be so sad to leave Montreal. Unfortunately there's just nothing here school-wise that fits with what I want. Also, change is good. It'll be nice to be around my old dear friends and to discover a new city. I'm getting really desperate for a camera now, to record everything I love about this city before I leave. Hopefully I'll be back. Mostly, though, I'm more excited than sad. I'm very happy with the thought of taking my future in my own hands. It's almost a bit odd to imagine that I can have whatever career I want, even in the arts. I've sort of been drifting for awhile here, so it's great to have new goals and a new sense of direction.

In other exciting news, I finished the ribbing on the back of my sweater. The front shouldn't take long, I just need to get down to it.

Also, it snowed today.

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morgan a dit...

I just found your blog...Congrats! Sheridan is amazing. (and hey, I skipped out on Trinity to go to Trent, then left and came to NSCAD..)
ps I can't believe it snowed!!