vendredi 13 janvier 2006

photo photo

I keep forgetting that now I have a camera and can take photos for neat things like self-portrait tuesday, studio friday and corners-of-my-home thursday! I would really like to do that last one but I am going to have to wait for the weekend (tomorrow!!) to take those photos. As I've mentioned, during the week I am never home during daylight hours!

lundi 9 janvier 2006

how delightful!

I just love knitting socks. I could stay home and knit socks all day. Especially these ones, they're delightful.

I took a photo or two of the ball before I started. For some reason I like to see the colours all layed out versus knitted up.

The yarn, by the way, is Regia 4 fädig Color.

dimanche 8 janvier 2006

a lovely day

My original intention was to let these photos speak for themselves, but it's too dark in here and that became impossible.

Yesterday afternoon I went on a little trip to Atwater Market and Mouliné, which is just around the corner. So, in the first one you see a Steek tank and a pair of socks. Then, delicious things from the market. The sweetest, thinnest spears of asparagus. Spiced gouda, Fairmount bagels and cream cheese from la Fromagerie, Pâté foie, arichoke hearts salad and couscous from Au Première Moisson, coffee from les Douceurs... mmm so much delight. I do love food.

When I got home I started knitting.

I have accepted that it's not going to look like anything for quite a while. Actually, I don't think it's ever going to look like anything. The yarn gets gauge but it is not full enough. Well, we'll see.

mercredi 4 janvier 2006


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mardi 3 janvier 2006

New camera!

Super excitement!

I'd love to show a photo of something new but

a) I haven't really crafted much lately (besides those buillote covers which I just realised I never got a photo of, unfortunately) and

b) it's too dark to photograph anything. How is it possible to keep a blog like this if you are never home during the day ?!