mercredi 17 décembre 2008

Delicious things I have cooked of late that deserve to be written down

Cream sauce for lunga noodles: with black pepper, tons of paprika, tobasco sauce, garlic and a lick of lemon.

Cream butter with garlic, coriander, thyme, dijon and grated mozzarella. Spread on bread and toasted under the broiler.

Haddock en papillote: thyme, coriander and garlic on the fish, some slices of tomato and steamed carrots (cut slim carrots in half lengthwise, leave on a bit of green).

Roasted carrots - with my current favourite combination of garlic, thyme and coriander, lots of olive oil, roasted until delicious. Served with steamed spinach and some leftover chicken rice from a lebanese place, that I added cumin and tobasco to while heating up.

I have been so impressed with myself lately.

samedi 25 octobre 2008

Little yellow hat

Yay! I finished reknitting this little guy, and he's just the right size. So, now I know that Cascade 220 grows a lot lot when you block it, and also that it smells horribly when wet. Although that may have to do with the yellow dye specifically? It didn't smell at all the second time I blocked it.

Now I will just have to make a pom to put upon it.

vendredi 10 octobre 2008


I should be reading for a paper, but I've taken a break to heat up some lunch:

These are leftovers from last night. I had an ambercup squash and cooked it according to the suggestion that was on the little label, so cubed and steamed, and then fried in olive oil until it's nice and brown. I used a spice blend that I got at the grocery store, called Carribbean spice, on it. It's got a lot of things in it, lots of cumin and garlic and oregano and chiles. This tasted so, so good. The squash was awfully hard to cut up and I wondered if it would be worth it, and it definitely was. On the side is just a pile of spinach with some dressing on it. I was actually too lazy to make a real dressing, so I just drizzled some olive oil and rasberry red wine vinegar on it and cracked some pepper over top. The squash is especially nice when a little of the vinegar gets on it. And yes, I'm not going to lie, that is a pillsbury crescent roll on the side of the plate, and it tasted delicious.

Yesterday I made blueberry muffins. It's a basic recipe, with oats and buttermilk too.

I think I'd better go put on some tea, do up the dishes, then grab a muffin and get down to work!

jeudi 18 septembre 2008

So it turned out a little big.

lundi 8 septembre 2008

yellow hat # 1

I can't get over how adorable these tiny bamboo needles are!!

dimanche 7 septembre 2008

Dear Diary, spent the afternoon taking artistic photos of yarn...

Odd hobby.

So excited with this new yarn! The yellow is a skein of cascade 220 that I'd had around for a while. I picked it up without knowing what I had in mind for it, but I think a hat is in order. The desire to start a hat today led me to the yarn store to get the right size circs, which led me to spy that sock yarn, which is just perfect for the socks I've had in mind. Meanwhile, while the nice yarn store lady was winding those two skeins into balls for me, I spied that beautiful aqua yarn, which is just the colour I had been dreaming of to make a hat out of, before I thought of the yellow. And it was the last skein in that colour! Obvs, I had to have it.

Must go knit now... pictures of f.o.'s hopefully soon to come!

mardi 2 septembre 2008

new project - dressing gown

Dear Reader,

I came perilously close to buying five metres of royal blue silk today, at 40$ a metre. To make a dressing gown (e.g. a glorified house coat). The silk is just so beautiful! Thankfully I came to my senses before purchasing a 200$ house coat, and chose this instead:

It is (blurg) 100% polyester, but it has a nice drape and was only 6$/metre. I am positive that in this whole giant city of Toronto, I can find silk at a better price. So, this will be my practise piece until I do.

Oh, you probably want to see the pattern, huh?

I wanted to sew it all up today, but I got started late and only got part way through the yoke. Then the next thing I knew it was nine p.m., and I have a strict rule about not sewing after nine. It's around that time that I lose the ability to both see properly and think properly, so I know better than to sew.

First day of class tomorrow! But not until noon, so hopefully I'll have a bit of time to sew in the morning.