dimanche 7 septembre 2008

Dear Diary, spent the afternoon taking artistic photos of yarn...

Odd hobby.

So excited with this new yarn! The yellow is a skein of cascade 220 that I'd had around for a while. I picked it up without knowing what I had in mind for it, but I think a hat is in order. The desire to start a hat today led me to the yarn store to get the right size circs, which led me to spy that sock yarn, which is just perfect for the socks I've had in mind. Meanwhile, while the nice yarn store lady was winding those two skeins into balls for me, I spied that beautiful aqua yarn, which is just the colour I had been dreaming of to make a hat out of, before I thought of the yellow. And it was the last skein in that colour! Obvs, I had to have it.

Must go knit now... pictures of f.o.'s hopefully soon to come!

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