mardi 30 août 2005

Self-Portrait Tuesday

I might as well get in on the bandwagon. My pocket. I was just fooling around yesterday and took it. I'm tired today and don't feel like going through the whole process of taking and uploading anything clever. I do like these pants a lot; they're new.

I'm feeling really guilty having spent so much on this camera and might take it back. Triste.

lundi 29 août 2005


Look! I finally got a camera!

This is the yarn for a Charlie Brown sweater. 97 cents a skein only at Lewiscraft in Ontario and it's a really soft sport weight acrylic.

Then, a little bit of my pink sweater. It doesn't look like much of anything at the moment so I thought I'd just show a corner of it.

And for good measure, a shirt I sewed to wear to work yesterday. The fabric was 2.50$ since it was a piece from the window display. It's cute but I think I'll give it to Jody. It's a bit small in the bust for me. Also, in real life the colours are better. More golden.

These photos are real bad. I'll try harder next time.

vendredi 26 août 2005

it is dull, I warned you!

Still plugging away on the "sports pullover." I'm a little way up the back but haven't worked on it much since last week. It's so pretty though, I can't wait to wear it. And tomorrow I might have a picture of the famous ohm scarf!