samedi 25 mars 2006

samedi 18 mars 2006

My pinks for project spectrum

The good news is, I finished the second sock. The bad news is, I figured out why the first one turned out so huge and had to rip it back to the heel. Oh well, live and learn.

mardi 14 mars 2006

Happy Holiday!

I made some Hamantaschen yesterday for Purim. They are delicious! But the recipe is terrible, oh it's so bad for you. But, it's only once a year. I prefer the jam filling, the chocolate are too sweet. I couldn't find any poppy filling this year either, but the apricot jam is really, really delicious.

The recipe called for four cups of flour but I only had two, so I used matzah meal for the rest, and it worked out very well. They just absorb the liquid and you can't really tell. It's a bit of a stiffer (is that the word?) texture and very nice.

dimanche 12 mars 2006

mmm printemps

Yesterday I caught the bug of spring cleaning!

First I cleaned up my stash a little bit :

I didn't realise I have so many knitting needles hanging around here !

I found this five dollar dress I got at the Le Château Entrepôt :

My intention when I bought it was simply to rock it as a dress, but now I'm wondering if I'll just cut it up for the fabric. What do you think ?

I also tidied my art supplies. I didn't get much farther than that. The trouble here is you start cleaning and you are quite excited but soon your enthusiasm fades - but nevertheless you just keep finding more and more mess! If you are me, at least.

Later I made this for a baby shower, and as well a little bit Project Spectrum :

And it was a beautiful day, the first this year ! I had the windows wide open, it was delightful.

samedi 11 mars 2006

I spend a lot of time in this corner, knitting, reading, snacking...

samedi 4 mars 2006

Corner, belated.

Here's a corner, where my bed meets the radiator and above it the window. I have a big thing for white in this room - and I love those sheets! I think they're from the Martha Stewart line. I did try for a Corner on thursday but that tends to be rather a long day around here and I just didn't make it.

Project spectrum has started, how fun! I think I may already have a project for June (blue month):

Painting my living room! Finally this insufferable orange might be gone. Now that I've decided at last on blue, after months of contemplation and searching - I was originally trying to find a rich cream that incorporated gold and rose like you find at the centre of a blush-coloured rose, which is not as easy as it might seem - comes the hard part of choosing just the right shade. Do I want more green, more red, duller, brighter, paler, deeper - gosh! It's a tough one! But really so much fun. What I have in mind is that blue porcelaine with the white overlay - I can't think of the name just now. I think it would be just right.

Happy weekend! On the menu tomorrow : knit, crochet, read the newspaper.