dimanche 12 mars 2006

mmm printemps

Yesterday I caught the bug of spring cleaning!

First I cleaned up my stash a little bit :

I didn't realise I have so many knitting needles hanging around here !

I found this five dollar dress I got at the Le Château Entrepôt :

My intention when I bought it was simply to rock it as a dress, but now I'm wondering if I'll just cut it up for the fabric. What do you think ?

I also tidied my art supplies. I didn't get much farther than that. The trouble here is you start cleaning and you are quite excited but soon your enthusiasm fades - but nevertheless you just keep finding more and more mess! If you are me, at least.

Later I made this for a baby shower, and as well a little bit Project Spectrum :

And it was a beautiful day, the first this year ! I had the windows wide open, it was delightful.

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