dimanche 26 février 2006

Sunday =

I love a sunday. In the afternoon, tutoring. Then home for tea with the new Marie Claire and Joni Mitchell. I sent a big package to a friend in Toronto, painted my nails red and in a bit I'll study some Italian.

samedi 25 février 2006

how to invent patterns

Thus far only one thing on that grand list has been accopmlished, and that the easiest one - to get a new notebook.

However, this is only because I forgot to add one important thing to it - socks! And you see, a brand-new sock came into the world on thursday eve.

I've started on the second with great enthusiasm but, given my usual goofy manner of knitting, am unsure I'll be able to replicate it exactly. In this case I did some odd things with the toe shaping, and though at first I had categorized it under "minor mistake", I soon realised the truth: what I have, in fact, done is to create a new pattern. Watch:

Although this ankle-length sock may appear unremarkable, unusual decreases at the toe give it a very close fit, with one sock specifically designed for each foot, as well as a jauntily pointed tip. Decreases at the ankle also contribute to its form-fitting appeal.

And that's how it's done!

PS sorry for the poor photo quality - had no patience to wait for daylight.

jeudi 23 février 2006


mercredi 22 février 2006

Corners of My Home

This is a littler corner of my living room. There's a nook where the door is to go out onto the fire escape, from which you can see the street, the stairs, the building next door. I just find it so simple and beautiful. I love that little door.

I do not love the walls of this living room. The crazy orange walls are the reason why my old roommate chose this apartment in the first place, but they just don't jive with me. Too dark. Simply too yucky. As well - the same colour as the brick walls you see from every window - why? I was going to repaint over the summer, but as I thought I'd be moving I didn't. Now I'm not so sure and am just about ready to delve back into choosing a colour!

mardi 21 février 2006


That was short-lived.

Wordpress is mean.

I like my pink and green.

lundi 20 février 2006

ciao blogger

I have decided to move my blog. Wordpress has some improvements over blogger.


see y'all over there!

dimanche 12 février 2006

Yesterday I went to Atwater Library.

It's rather a strange, delightful place. It's very old fashioned and very surprising. You really never know what you're going to find. I think I am their youngest patron, I always get looks as I wander about. It's really a beautiful place, with low wooden shelves and a glass-floored mezzanine.

Yesterday I took out a really excellent book by Eleanor Roosevelt (thoughts forthcoming), one on the great achievements of German Jews before the community was entirely killed, and this very nice one:

It has some really great ideas, including a sort of sewing box with five outer panels and five inner. When you remove the lid, the panels fall open and all your little notions are available. I'd like to make one in quite bold, bright, graphic fabrics. Another great project is quilted satin bedroom things, a cushion, bag for your nighty and one for stockings. It's beautiful! Mind, I'd have to entirely change the decoration of my bedroom if I made them, but it would be worth it!

I found this great essay in 52 projects. It's aim is to inspire and it's very successful!

samedi 11 février 2006

I have been a very bad blog-haver! After I made that last post my computer was crashed for about a week, and then I was quite busy with work and there was never any daylight. This week I've got exams and the week after that is a school holliday during which I plan to work on my blog and rededicate myself to the creative lifestyle in general. I've been much too distracted by work and have really been neglecting it. In the meanwhile, here are some fascinating progress shots:

The little sock. Progress on this got stymied when my computer died as I was following some instructions on the internet. Now I've got to find the link again. I'm going to give these to my mother for her birthday and as well they will be one of my March projects for Project Spectrum. I am quite excited by this. I haven't had any projects for a while. Besides this, which interests me and which I have started in slightly modified form.

As well there is the steek tank:

I'm very happy with this one. It's going to take more yarn than I'd anticipated since I'm doubling and, as usual, there's my usual bit of fudging the numbers to deal with. I've got to find time to go pick up more yarn. In fact, I need to stop eating so much so that I might have a bit of money for this yarn. I also need:

well, I got the eggs.

That's all the time for today, I'm off to write an essay!