samedi 25 février 2006

how to invent patterns

Thus far only one thing on that grand list has been accopmlished, and that the easiest one - to get a new notebook.

However, this is only because I forgot to add one important thing to it - socks! And you see, a brand-new sock came into the world on thursday eve.

I've started on the second with great enthusiasm but, given my usual goofy manner of knitting, am unsure I'll be able to replicate it exactly. In this case I did some odd things with the toe shaping, and though at first I had categorized it under "minor mistake", I soon realised the truth: what I have, in fact, done is to create a new pattern. Watch:

Although this ankle-length sock may appear unremarkable, unusual decreases at the toe give it a very close fit, with one sock specifically designed for each foot, as well as a jauntily pointed tip. Decreases at the ankle also contribute to its form-fitting appeal.

And that's how it's done!

PS sorry for the poor photo quality - had no patience to wait for daylight.

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Hanna a dit...

I think the socks looks beautiful, what a great colour! Hope to see the second one soonish! ;-)