samedi 11 février 2006

I have been a very bad blog-haver! After I made that last post my computer was crashed for about a week, and then I was quite busy with work and there was never any daylight. This week I've got exams and the week after that is a school holliday during which I plan to work on my blog and rededicate myself to the creative lifestyle in general. I've been much too distracted by work and have really been neglecting it. In the meanwhile, here are some fascinating progress shots:

The little sock. Progress on this got stymied when my computer died as I was following some instructions on the internet. Now I've got to find the link again. I'm going to give these to my mother for her birthday and as well they will be one of my March projects for Project Spectrum. I am quite excited by this. I haven't had any projects for a while. Besides this, which interests me and which I have started in slightly modified form.

As well there is the steek tank:

I'm very happy with this one. It's going to take more yarn than I'd anticipated since I'm doubling and, as usual, there's my usual bit of fudging the numbers to deal with. I've got to find time to go pick up more yarn. In fact, I need to stop eating so much so that I might have a bit of money for this yarn. I also need:

well, I got the eggs.

That's all the time for today, I'm off to write an essay!

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