dimanche 12 février 2006

Yesterday I went to Atwater Library.

It's rather a strange, delightful place. It's very old fashioned and very surprising. You really never know what you're going to find. I think I am their youngest patron, I always get looks as I wander about. It's really a beautiful place, with low wooden shelves and a glass-floored mezzanine.

Yesterday I took out a really excellent book by Eleanor Roosevelt (thoughts forthcoming), one on the great achievements of German Jews before the community was entirely killed, and this very nice one:

It has some really great ideas, including a sort of sewing box with five outer panels and five inner. When you remove the lid, the panels fall open and all your little notions are available. I'd like to make one in quite bold, bright, graphic fabrics. Another great project is quilted satin bedroom things, a cushion, bag for your nighty and one for stockings. It's beautiful! Mind, I'd have to entirely change the decoration of my bedroom if I made them, but it would be worth it!

I found this great essay in 52 projects. It's aim is to inspire and it's very successful!

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