samedi 10 septembre 2005

Checking in

Hello Internet,

Just a quick post to keep on top of things. I still don't have a camera, though I told my woes to my dad and he offered to buy me a new one. SO sweet of him but I don't know... it seems such an extravagance and such a selfish one, that I wouldn't feel right if he did. So we shall see.

At any rate, the sweater is ALMOST done. Just the front sleeve section and finishing (to be honest that does include 5" of ribbing on the front and back) to go. I'm aiming to have it done for the middle of next week. Next I want to start of the Astrodome hat and scarf from the new Knitty, and of course my Charlie Brown sweater. But I need a quick project first, all this small gauge is getting to me.

What else... I have a few sewing projects that need finishing, including my bathing suit & second skirt from that grey-black suiting. Working at the fabric store is torture, there's so much more I'd like to do. The only good thing is that they make actually buying any fabric for yourself into such a hassle, it acts as a restraint.

Tonight I started sketching out a big painting from this photo I took in Dorset.

Well I suppose that's it. I am obscenely tired, as I still have a cold- and would like to get well at some point in the near future- and so it's an early saturday night here at No. 7.

You see I am trying to find a new name for this place. Jo's new apt is referred to as the House of Spontenaiety (too tired to spell, for shame) and when Jen lived here we called it the House of Sloth. With Tanya that clearly no longer applies, so we must find a new one.

PS the bloody cat persists in eating my beautiful plant. And here I'd heard philodendrons were poison to them.

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