dimanche 23 juillet 2006

This weekend's project was to burn some groovy CDs of Cottage Music for my holidays next week!

Besides painting, of course, which would be finished if I could just get the ladder out of our building's storage room. Unfortunately, it's locked. I think I'll designate the painting of the top edges to my new very tall roommate who's moving in while I'm away.

I also worked some on my Granny Smith sweater. I swear I will finish it. Soon. I promise.

And in less than a week my holidays start! Two beautiful weeks outside of the city. I have been waiting so many long, cold months for this. The first week is at the beach and I expect it to be a great one. Besides swimming and lying on the sand, my mum's (and my) very crafty and inspiring friend is coming along with her sewing machine, so I hope to get some sewing done, as well as knitting, if I can find time this week to pick up yarn for a new, beach-friendly project. (I find kid silk haze just doesn't travel so well for me). Then after that I'll be at my parent's for a week, spending some days in Toronto and convincing my friends to have pool parties.

I can't wait!

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