mardi 6 décembre 2005

The good news, for all you blog lovers out there (and for me, of course!) is that I am definitely getting a camera from my dad. I don't know what kind but he keeps telling me about his many adventures in camera perusal. I'm so excited! ! ! Every day I see so many things I want to photograph. I wish I would have had it in fall too, but winter is also beautiful.

Here is what I am up to lately, without photo documentation.

1. Starting to learn Swedish
2. Studying Italian
3. Writing an essay entitled "Dr Satrelove, or, How I learned to love Existentialism (But not stop worrying)"
4. Reading Chekhov, some more.
5. Embroidering some "buillote" covers with moons and stars for my mother and aunts, as demonstrated in the fall issue of Marie Claire Idées.
6. Thinking about the scarf I will knit soon. I want to make a big, goofy, homemade looking one. Thick yarn, all garter stitch, striped with the ends poking out all over.
7. I want to make a new toque too (lost mine) and some lovikka mittens!
8. Also I have recently read Brenda Ueland's book of essays, "Strength to your Swordarm". I just love her! I need my own copy of "If You Want to Write."

And more more more. There's always so much I want to do! Hopefully after my exams are over, in a few days, I'll finally get to do some painting from ideas that have been floating around in my head.
And get some sewing done!

Oh, and I want to make my blog better! But not pay for it. How to do this?

2 commentaires:

Hanna a dit...

thanks for signing my blog.

Why do you wanna learn swedish, and are you taking a course? :-)

hej då!

Suse a dit...

Looking forward to seeing lots of delicious wintry shots on your blog!

It's so hot here ...