samedi 3 décembre 2005

My computer was broken. I tried to get it fixed. It was gone for six weeks. And now I have a new one! And so much internet to catch up on.

This is what I must do:
1. Write Italian exam
2. Write philosophy exam

When this is done I will be free to

3. Finish the sewing projects in my box, such as that grey skirt, striped t-shirt, charmeuse blouse and blue skirt.
4. Paint big painting of scene in Dorset
5. Paint two other big paintings from thoughts still in my head.

Tonight I must

6. Embroider with silver threads
7. Stop being lazy and call someone and go out

I think studying is written off for tonight. And it's so cold, and the internet has so much to show me. I don't think I'll do much else tonight.

I am very worried. I had a delicious salmon terrine for dinner and left the string from it beside me on the plate. My kitty came to lick the plate, to chew the meat a little bit, and I thought I'd know if she started to nibble the string and take it away from her, like when she chews my knitting. But I was too distracted by the internet and she ate the whole string! I don't think string is good for cats. And it was a long one! Oh dear.

2 commentaires:

Rachel - Wicked Ink a dit...

She shall 'poop it out'. Just watch for her for the next day or so.

If it hasn't appeared in a day or so - call the vet to see if there is something you can give her to promote a bowel movement.

Good luck.

Rachel - Wicked Ink a dit...

Yay!! Glad to hear she expelled it.