dimanche 30 avril 2006

The Weekly Post

What's wrong with my Jaywalkers?!

I guess nothing. But they don't seem to have the same nice ridge of stiches as everybody else's.

These socks are good for April Project Spectrum, not so much for April Use What You Have month. I do have a dress in the works that fits both but it got sidetracked since my co-worker was sick this week and I had to do both our jobs - eleven hour days, yuck! So much for my crafty week. But I will be raking in the cash, so who cares, it was actually great!

Have a great week everybody, hopefully I'll be back shortly!

1 commentaire:

Emma a dit...

Just keep at it. I think you'll see the definition occur as you go along. It takes a while for it to emerge. Love the yarn you're using. They're going to be great.