lundi 22 mai 2006

Gosh! Where have I been?

Well, we've had some excitement here this week : A fire in the apartment above us! Thank God our apartment had very little damage. Just some holes in the ceiling from the water :

The landlord will repaint the walls (although they aren't damaged), which saves me from having to do it myself, which I was planning on! Overall I am so so so thankful the damage wasn't more- from fire and water. Phew!

Craft-wise... well... plugging away on the Granny Smith sweater, but it's slow going.

Lately I've been working on school more. I'm taking German in summer semester. I already studied this in high school, so it's more a review course for me. In September I'll be taking Russian and Hebrew, very excited! Yesterday was the birthday party of the little Russian boy I tutor, it could have been very helpful to speak it already! But, I was told I look like a Russian speaker, not an English speaker, that made me glad. And meanwhile I am still studying Italian, to be prepared for fall...

More knitting news coming soon!

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