samedi 27 mai 2006

Best day ever!

(What is this, 3 posts in a row?!)

Well, I didn't get around to baking bread, again. Instead I brought home this beautiful bike! For only twenty dollars. I love it!!! Gosh I love it! I just love bicycling.

This is a list of things I want for my home:

1. Crockpot
2. Plant stand
3. Dog

I really want a dog! More specifically, a greyhound. Or a terrier. But a greyhound I could rescue and they are said to be good for apartments. Gosh! I can't stop thinking about dogs lately, reading about the different breeds and keeping them. I just love dogs. One of the main things I love is sitting down next to them and hugging them. Also walking them. And hopefully how they would keep my cat in line. So hopefully I will be able to bring home a beautiful greyhound one day soon!

The other thing I did today was go to the library ( I am that cool ) But really, the library is SO Interesting! You just never know what you might find. They have gotten a bunch of new knitting books, that's great. I brought home two decorating books to get some ideas before I paint my living room. Besides, I just love decorating books. Besides this, a novel and an interesting John Holt book.

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