samedi 7 mai 2005

Yay! Finished!

Just thought I'd mention that I finished my sewn bag today. I know that's not knitting but I don't care because it turned out wonderfully. The interfacing was just right, very stiff, and it's the perfect size and is full of pockets. The lining looks great (I don't regret not getting the apple green, though the colour would have been lovely, but it was just too slippery). The trim also worked out very well. I was a bit nervous because Jody and I picked out everything while awesome, but it seems that can work out to the advantage. Anyways, I love it a lot a lot. It's just what I wanted. All I need is a tiny piece of red velcro to close the flap on the mobile pocket. And to close the top of the whole bag, that would be a good thing. Not sure where to find this, though.

Speaking of Jody and knitting, I did two or three rows on her scarf today, which is more than I've done since I went in Ontario last month.

I promise I'm going to meet someone with a digital camera so I can take pictures of these things, very soon. Hey I wonder if Jen left her's here. She very well may have...

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