mardi 10 mai 2005

Dear Imaginary Readers...

I'm so sorry that I have no pictures. I really do feel badly. I mean, what's the point of one of these things if you've got no pictures?! But I am going to keep writing anyways because that's the kind of person I am...

In other news, I've finished knitting the second ball (of three) of main colour for Jody's Ohm scarf. That means I'm actually a little bit more than half-way done, but it should go quickly from this point. I did most of that sunday and monday nights as the CBC was playing excellent movies. Sunday, the Pianist and monday, Monsoon Wedding. It's a good thing it's just plain stockinette and I can work without looking because the Pianist makes me cry and cry and Monsoon Wedding is just too beautiful and colourful to look away. I did miss my favourite part though, where she is getting mendhi'd. The whole screen seems to be saffron and the music is great in that scene.

I think I might scrap Mum's sweater and make her the Branching Out scarf from that yarn instead. I don't think the sweater, blouse really, is going to work well because it's so stiff from the gauge and I've been having to do all sorts of crazy things to keep the right size. I'm not sure that I can keep up the juggling act of clever little changes all the way through! Plus it is just going much more slowly than I anticipated and I lost my place in the pattern etc etc. It is a lovely top though. I should try again with the proper type of yarn, softer and finer, for sure.

Over and Out,

Buona sera,


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Tere a dit...

Hi there,
Thank you for your kind comment! I always feel like my blog is a bit uninteresting compared to all the others out there. I'm not technologically "with it" either (I don't even know how to make those lists you mentioned, and have to get my boyfriend to help me when he has time!) Your blog looks great, and your projects sound so interesting.

I know what you mean by having a lot of interests, and I'm always wondering what I should be doing with my life. I used to work in the human resources field and always felt sad about not having gone to art school, so I quit my job and now I'm an art student (a poor art student) working part time in retail! I am glad I did it, but again i second guess myself and think "I have a degree, I shouldn't be in retail or starting over when I had a good job...what would so and so think..." Ugh.
Anyway, I'm blabbing away, sorry :)
Thanks again,