jeudi 12 mai 2005

More little things

Jen tells me her camera is in her room, though I certainly couldn't find it but she is coming down tonight (boo) so maybe she'll dig it out for me. There are so many things I need to take pictures of, nevermind the things I made-- the mountain is so green and the trees are out and the garden beside my building is incredible. The MeanScary lady tends it, and if there's one thing I've learned, it's that being mean and scary does not prevent a person from becoming a successful gardener. It's mostly tulips, the usual red and yellow and some fabulous pink ones. There are clusters of these pale pink tulips with all kinds of extra petals and a few darker rosy pink tulips growing next to them-- the combination is so so beautiful. As well some pure white bleeding heart and a really interesting small, bush-like plant with pink flowers.

What else to say... Lisa has some red velcro that she is going to send me for my bag.

I made my practically favourite meal yesterday, braised meat patties with lots of garlic, onion, green pepper and soy sauce. So good, but it certainly does make a lot of vegetable scraps. I need a mulch pile. What's a "crafty" way to deal with that in the middle of the city? Moreover, what would I do with the mulchy dirt once I had it? Add it to my houseplants? Not so much. I'm going to get a philodendron from the florist in Alexis Nihon, though, they have some really nice ones. It'll make a nice compliment to the potato shoots. I almost want to try a fuscia on the fire escape, but I don't think it would be very good there. They are quite tricky. Gran always has them on her patio and when I was little I used to call them dancing ladies and study them for hours. Maybe if I ever have a patio in the 'burbs I'll try them.

One more exciting thing, I was at the dollar store today getting some gluing brushes for school tomorrow, and I finally remembered to buy a blank disc, so tonight I am going to try making a CD! I always forget that I Have The Technology for such things and still haven't gotten around to doing it, but... no more!

The scarf continues. I must finish it this weekend.

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