jeudi 5 mai 2005

First real post

Hey, these blog things are fun! My page looks a little bit boring though, I'll have to spice it up. Since this is my knitting blog, I will start with a list of works in progress. (In the order of starting):

1. Regular sweater for Dad, in maroon and white cotton twisted together. (since November)
2. Yellow crochet blouse for Mum. (since March)
3. Om scarf for Jody's birthday. (only since April!)
4. Grocery bag crocheted of grocery bags. (started this week)
5. Also, wonderful new sewn purse. (started this week)
That's all for now!

Oh, I almost forgot to mention that I finally got Stitch'n'Bitch yesterday! I'm so happy! I first saw it, I guess last fall, 2oo3 when browsing around Indigo (remember how you used to go there every saturday afternoon, feeling it was a Shabbat-appropriate diversion?) and now after all this time I've got it! I want to make either Under the Hoodie or the sweater with short rows first. Or maybe the cowl neck. It's all pretty great! So anyway I've been a lot of time since then looking at yarns on the net and figuring out where to start. Woot!

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