samedi 9 juillet 2005

I haven't posted in ages because I haven't knitted a stitch or done much else in ages either. But! Today brings wonderful news.

I went to Mouliné over by Atwater Market for the first time. It's fantastic! All the yarns you ever hear about, Noro, Debbie Bliss, Rowan, GGH, Phildar, etc. I was plotzing, as you can imagine. I really want the spring-summer Rowan. Maybe I'll ask for 40 birthday dollars to get it. What I actually got was... only one skein of yarn and one pair of needles! Such restraint. It's Inca Gold baby alpaca cashmere in a rose-rasberry colour to make Gran this agate and lace scarf for her impending birthday. I'm sure I'll need two skeins but I like to start with one until I'm absolutely sure of what I'm doing and not going to change my mind. I really like how the pattern is working up. I'm knitting at a bit looser gauge then you see here. It looks lovely and the yarn is so soft and such a rich, beautiful colour.

There were so many beautiful things there and I'm just bursting with things to make. I saw some really tempting Debbie Bliss sweater patterns as well as yarns that would be perfect for the bedspread I want to make. I'm also dying to get started on that breakfast flannel quilt I want to make, especially now I've seen the bacon one over at Craftster. I think I still want to make mine with just a big pane of fabric and quilt around all the shapes.

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