dimanche 12 juin 2005

Well this was a rather off weekend. Work was relatively good but for the rest I largely moped around feeling sorry for myself and sick with the heat. I must say, I really don't handle it well. I just took a lovely cool bath though and so am feeling much, much better.

So, not only was it way too hot to knit--yecchh, I shudder at the thought of yarn all stuck through my fingers and bits of fluff landing all over my belly-- it was too hot to concentrate on or accomplish much of anything. I did manage to do a few necessary and wonderful things, such as buying a new pair of sandals (on sale), groceries, taking out the garbage and changing the cat litter. Oh, and not only did I buy new shoes, I also remembered to spray them before wearing! Wow, I was on the ball saturday. This composure quickly left me. Now it is sunday night and the kitchen is a disaster, the laundry is undone and I have a mountain of art stuff to do and an italian mid-term on thursday. I can't even remember the last time I studied. I did go to the library today, to avail myself of their air conditioning and managed to get a bit of work done. I think I'll go back tomorrow, after I head back to Brick LaSalle for the third time, to pick up the two legs that did not get packaged with the rest of the chesterfield >( .

Hopefully tomorrow I will spend less time lolling on the couch in a state of undress, sweating and fretting. Laziness is only nice when you can enjoy it without school-guilt -- and that time is coming!

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