mercredi 25 mai 2005

Jody got her scarf and she loves it! Loves loves loves even without the backing. She wants to wear it anyway, though I keep pointing out that it curls so much you can't see the Ohm.

Not much knitting has been achieved lately as I have been quite busy with school and otherwise in general. Lots of painting! But not enough time to do as very good of a job as I would like which is a shame. The assignment is a bit dumb anyway. It's not due till friday but I am slow at painting. I like to take my time and let it settle. Maybe once I get it back I'll redo the areas I don't like, but had to do as they are for the purposes of the assignment

I may buy Jody's old digital camera; she's getting a 'new' one from KPM soon.

I am getting new furniture and redecorating my apt. these days. Once school finishes I'm going to paint the living room-- damn it's hard choosing a colour! I was at Canadian Tire yesterday and completely bewildered. Next I want to make a mezuzah and mizrach. Also I want to make a hall table. Just because. I wonder what that involves?

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Tere a dit...

Hi Dawn :)
Thanks for the nice comments on my blog. I think you should definitely buy that camera! it will make blogging so much funner for you. I want to see your newly decorated apartment :) One website that may help you chose colours is the (damnit, now I can't remember the name) oh yes, the Behr site. Here is a link: and what you do is go to 'experiment with colour' and it will allow you to chose colours and then show you how it would look in each room of the house.